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I have been participating in a four-week group tapping class in person, as well as a conference call with the group one time per week. I was in a townhouse Board meeting for two hours right before one of the tapping conference calls. As I left the Board meeting in time to jump on the conference call, a newbie Board member said to me, “I know you are a spender on this Board and I don’t like that!” I said to her in a very calm voice (thanks to three months of regular tapping), “No! …
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What Makes Coaching with Julie so Different

Frankly, I am real. I have been there. I’ve been deep in the cycle of debt. I’ve felt lost, scared and confused. I’ve had my heart broken. I’ve been jealous of friends and family members that seemingly had much easier lives than me. I’ve felt shame. Despite all of that, I found a way out and completely turned my life around. Now I am able to guide you to find your way out, too.

As a Money Coach, I am a hands-on, direct and compassionate coach that helps you take personal responsibility for your finances. I offer real no-nonsense solutions, clarity and hope.