Switch to Fresh, Clean and Natural Skincare Products

Are you ready to switch to affordable natural skincare products, anti-aging, clean hair care, and non-toxic mineral makeup products, too?

Here’s my ‘ditch and switch’ journey to fresh, clean, and natural.

In 2015, while doing a 42-day cleanse, I was horrified to learn that whatever we put on our skin enters our bloodstream in as little as 26 seconds. I knew some of the everyday brands of makeup and skincare products I was using didn’t have the best ingredients. So, I searched for best natural, organic, and plant-based beauty products to put on my skin instead of the toxic and chemical-filled products I had been using.

After discovering Lemongrass Spa, I tried a few of their clean beauty products and was thrilled with how well my sensitive skin and nose responded.

So my dear friend and I held a Lemongrass Spa party to try more products.

I fell in love with the products even more and wanted a discount to ditch and switch all my beauty products to Lemongrass Spa’s, so I joined the company!

Next, I grappled with ditching the everyday products I had been using because I felt like I was throwing money in the garbage, especially with some of the recently purchased products still in their packages. But rather quickly, I made a total commitment to fresh, clean, and natural and tossed all the yucky stuff in the trash!

Within two months, I switched ALL of my hair care, makeup, reverse-aging, everyday body care,
and skincare to Lemongrass Spa products. I am still happy I did that!

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Soon after, family and friends started trying Lemongrass Spa natural skincare products and loved them, too.

If you’re ready to learn more about ditching toxic chemical-filled products and switching to
fresh, clean, and natural, then please join me here.

My story doesn't end there, though.

Seven years later, I promoted to Director with Lemongrass Spa without “trying” for the promotion. I manifested it using the Law of Attraction! I sat myself down and did what I call a Deliberate Creator workshop, feeling awe and gratitude for having many people buying these clean products from me. Then I felt excited and joyful about the fun ladies I love spending time with who joined my team. I was happy some joined for a discount and others for extra income. I gleefully laughed while joyfully imagining my promotion to Director without trying.

A couple of months later, I celebrated my promotion to Director.

Now I am having a blast connecting with people interested in trying fresh, clean, and natural beauty products, and I love the spiritual ladies on my team. We are having a blast using the Law of Attraction to deliberately create our futures.

It’s so much fun to get to help my fabulous team deliberately create in their lives, too.

Join My Team!

I am always looking for motivated and excited ladies to join my team. Yes, YOU – the lady reading this right now! Whether you’d like to be a “super shopper” like me and save 25% on your own clean natural skincare products or you’d also like to earn income while sharing toxic-free beauty products you love, I welcome you!

Here is what is in it for you when you join my Lemongrass Spa team:

My team comprises of fabulous and talented ladies, many of whom have another main business or full-time job and are in Lemongrass Spa for personal use and or as a side business.

But we come together to share ideas, work together, and support each other for all our businesses (Not just Lemongrass Spa).

Julie's Deliberate Creators Team Perks
Earn Income
Enjoy Rewards

Does this sound in alignment with you?  Let’s connect and see if this right for you!

It's time to 'ditch and switch' to fresh, clean, and natural!

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